Current Initiatives

AATE Research Network – Interprofessional Behavioral Health Care Research Group

Seeking up to 7 additional AATE Institutional Members and Non-Members – qualitative researchers, experienced interviewers, and wordsmith – but need non AT clinicians with behavioral health care experience.

Evaluation of Characteristics of Patient Encounters

Led by Dr. Bonnie Van Lunen, a grant-funded group of AATE Research Network members were awarded a NATA Foundation General Grant to focus on the characteristics of patient encounters and the impact of clinical experiences for professional athletic training students. Several manuscripts are currently being prepared and include information related to:

  • Professional behaviors related to core competencies (foundational paper)
  • Descriptive characteristics of the patient encounters experienced in clinical education (foundational paper)
  • The student role (observed, assisted, performed) during the patient encounter
  • Examination of the student role in relation to the core competencies


Athletic Training Educators’ Perceptions of Competence

Led by Dr. Cailee Welch Bacon, this study explored athletic training educators' perceptions of student competence in athletic training education. We collected responses from 352 athletic training educators via an online, qualitative survey. This project is currently in the manuscript preparation phase. Furthermore, an abstract on the findings from this study has been accepted for presentation at the 2020 NATA Clinical Symposia & AT Expo in Atlanta, GA.


Examining the Role of Clinical Immersion on Transition to Practice

In the first use of the AATE Research Network research group approach to projects, Dr. Stephanie Mazerolle Singe is leading members of the Network and selected research group applicants to explore the role of clinical immersion on transition to practice for newly credentialed athletic trainers. Her group has submitted a grant to the NATA Foundation Educational Advancement Grant program.


Standardized Assessment Tools in Athletic Training Clinical Education

Focus groups were held in February and March to explore the need for standardized assessment tools in athletic training clinical education.  Discussions focused on 1) the various types of assessments used by programs and 2) the feasibility and desire for a standardized assessment of student performance in clinical experiences.  There was an overall consensus that a standardized assessment would be beneficial, though there was some desire to allow for flexibility.  AATE Research Network members agreed that a good next step is to examine the validity of the AT Milestones in professional level education and to determine its potential as a standardized assessment tool of clinical performance.  The AATE Research Network is currently exploring a collaboration with the AT Milestones group and we are hopeful to post a call for a leader and research group participants shortly.

Interprofessional Behavioral Health Care Research Group

Led by Dr. Stacy Walker, other members of the AATE Research Network, and selected AATE institutional users will soon be embarking on the development of a Research Group to begin a two-part project on interprofessional behavioral health care.  The first Research Group will aim to explore the characteristics and experiences of interprofessional teams that effectively recognize and manage routine and emergency behavioral health conditions.  The project will help the AATE Research Network in its goal to curate an authentic interprofessional simulation experience that enhances student confidence and competence in recognizing and managing routine and emergency behavioral health conditions. A Research Group Charter will be distributed soon!