Work Groups & Committees

Developing Work Groups & Committees

Characterizing Interprofessional & Collaborative Practice in Athletic Training – Research Group

This work group will characterize interprofessional and collaborative practice and identify measures used to quantify and qualify interprofessional and collaborative practice in athletic training education.

Current Work Groups & Committees

Faculty Development Committee

Rachel Krug (Chair) | University of Mary

LesLee Taylor (Vice Chair) | University of Kansas Medical Center

Jamie Mansell | Temple University

Jennifer Volberding | Oklahoma State University

Nate Newman | Drake University

Heather VanOpdorp | University of Tampa

Lacey Runyon | Carroll University

AATE Research Network – Recruitment & Retention – Admissions Criteria Research Group

Bart Anderson (Co-Project Manager) | A.T Still University

Sara Brown (Co-Project Manager) | AATE

Cassidy Evans | University of West Alabama

Cris Haverty | Lasell University

Heidi Peters | Marywood University

Jennifer Howard | Appalachian State University

Work Group Selection Committee

Tamara McLeod | AT Still University

Julie Cavallario | Old Dominion University

Ajaya Williams | University of Miami

James Reidy | St. Lukes Sports Medicine (PA)

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

Laurie Rivera | Appalachian State University

Kathryn Webster | Boston University

Hayley Eriksen | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Chelsey Franz | Bellarmine University

Jessica Martinez | Old Dominion University

Professional Pathways Work Group

Cailee Welch Bacon (Chair) | A. T. Still University

Emily Gibb | Boston University

Julie Nolan | Sacred Heart University

Matt Rivera | Indiana State University

Morgan Cooper Bagley | Youngstown State University

Destinee Grove | Alumni of Temple /Head Athletic Trainer | East St. Louis Senior High School

Austin Strabala | Alumni of Temple / AT Resident, St. Lukes

Faculty Development Series: Learning and Teaching Curricular Content Work Group

Bart Anderson (Chair) | AT Still University

Cordial Gillette | University of Wisconsin – LaCrosse

Rachel Johnson Krug | University of Mary

Christopher W. Miller | Thomas More University

Nicole Wilkins | University of Tulsa